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I am asked all the time if standard DVDs and CDs can work with LightScribe. If you have read the LightScribe Essentials page you will already know the answer is no.

The coating on a LightScribe disc is what separates it from  normal media, this is how the laser in the drive ‘etches’ the surface of the disc creating the ‘burned in’ design.

The good news is that whatever media you use there is corresponding LightScribe version. The only big difference is with LightScribe discs you then flip them over and burn your label directly onto the other side of the disc… Nice


LightScribe Colour Discs

Not only do LightScribe discs come in the classic GOLD but also in five colours.

LightScribe Colour


However don’t be fooled in thinking this means LightScribe creates full colour images, oh no… LightScribe colour discs were created to partly satisfy the demand for colour labels, but all that has happened is that the base (gold) colour has been replaced by five other base colours. You still get an image that is ‘greyscale’ or should I say:


  • Bluescale
  • Orangescale
  • Redscale
  • Greenscale
  • Yellowscale .


What you have is a choice of six coloured backgrounds onto which your label image is burned resulting in your LightScribe labeled disc..


Verbatim LightScribe Discs

I have used Verbatim LightScribe Media images because these are the discs I use on a daily bases. I have used LightScribe DVD+R and DVD-R as well as LightScribe CD-R from most of the LightScribe Media manufacturers and time and again I come back to Verbatim LightScribe discs. When asked I always recommend Verbatim LightScribe cd-r, dvd-r and dvd+r, and after burning well over 10,000 LightScribe labels I think it’s a valid recommendation.


Verbatim Update:

Since it has become more difficult to get Verbatim discs, If you can’t get them, try Philips or Memorex – Both brands I use now…

LightScribe Disc Availability:

For the very latest up-to-date news on where to buy LightScribe Cds and DVDs check out this page: LightScribe DVD & CD Discs



Apart from the fact you can’t have full colour printing with LightScribe labeling, you do have a choice of coloured backgrounds and are able to use any of you favourite disc types. So with this in mind I wish you great success with your LightScribe labeling.



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