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I am often asked “Steve, can I use my current DVD drive to create LightScribe labels” but unfortunately the answer is no…

The reason you can’t use a ‘normal’ DVD drive for LightScribe labeling is because the drive needs added circuitry to perform the LightScribe function.

This added circuitry is hidden completely in all External USB and desktop internal drives.

However we do get a glimpse of part of the added circuitry with the slimline drives fitted to laptops and notebooks.

What is visible on these drives, on the DVD tray, is the LightScribe Encoder Sensor


The LightScribe Laptop DriveSensor

This circuitry, when it fails on a LightScribe drive,  leaves the user completely unaware of it’s failing (as the normal drive functions are unaffected…)  until, that is, the next time a LightScribe label is attempted.

Put simply, if this is your problem there is only one viable solution…

You guessed it…

Buy a new LightScribe drive!


LightScribe Support

However, most problems with LightScribe labeling are not caused by drive failure. For more information of all the possible causes and their answers visit our sister site’s support section:

LightScribe Support

See you there soon…


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