Where to Buy LightScribe CD or DVD Discs in 2024
Buying LightScribe CD or DVD Discs in 2018


Dear Fellow LightScriber,

Since LightScribe CD and DVD discs have become unavailable in local stores the one question I’m asked most is:

“Steve, where can I buy a LightScribe discs today?”

The only other question that comes close is: Where can I buy a LightScribe DVD burner? But by far the most requested is information on LightScribe discs.

And as you are reading this, I guess, you want to know this as well 🙂


LightScribe Disc Options

The picture at the top of this page shows a sample of currently available LightScribe CDs and DVDs – It’s by no means all, but is a good representation of what you can get right now.

LightScribe CD-r in 10s, 25s and 50s

LightScribe DVD+R in 10s,15s and 25s

And COLOR LightScribe DVD+R in 25s.

By, Verbatim, Philips and HP, to name a few…


Disc Options in 2024 – Online Only

As I said on the LightScribe Drive Page I’m not going to mince words, the options now are not as great as they once were.

As far as I know (if you know differently, please let me know…) there are no physical stores that sell LightScribe discs anymore. You can only get them online, and then only from a very few places.


Amazon and eBay

To my knowledge (once again, please if you know different tell me) the only two places to reliably but LightScribe discs (or Drives) are Amazon and eBay.

I have used both sites myself with great success and have always encouraged others to check them out to get the best deal (even when we could get stuff in stores), so nothing has change with that.

Below I will list each category of LightScribe Disc and a button that will link to the corresponding search listing on Amazon.com and eBay.com, from where you can see the currently available stock and their prices.


Please Note: All the links are for the USA sites.

I know you may well live in the UK, Europe Asia, South America, and Africa or like me, Australia, but I can’t have links for every conceivable version of Amazon or eBay, apart from any other consideration it would be a mess… So if you are from somewhere other than North America please do a search on your local site for the LightScribe product you are interested in.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience; I know it’s not ideal 🙁

Also note: the images are there to represent a type of LightScribe type of  Disc; the specific make may, or may not be available when you check the stock yourself.


LightScribe CD-R Discs

Check Stock on Amazon Check Stock on eBay


If you are like me you use a lot of LightScribe CDs and thankfully they are still available.

When I started using LightScribe back in 2006 and for many years, I always used Verbatim. I still do, but of late, I have switched to using more and more Philips discs.

Here are two options depending on how many discs you need:


Verbatim CD-R 10 Pack

Verbatim 700 MB 52x LightScribe CD-R 10 Disc Pack


Philips CD-R 25 Cake Pack

Philips Lightscribe CD-R 52X 700MB 80min - 25 Discs


LightScribe DVD+R Discs

Check Stock on Amazon Check Stock on eBay


While CD’s are great for music, DVDs and essential for movies and much larger files. So having LightScribe DVD+R discs still available is a must for many avid LightScribe fans.

Once again you can get various pack sizes depending on your needs:


Verbatim DVD+R 10 Pack

Verbatim Light Scribe DVD+R Discs, 4.7GB, 16x 10Pack


HP LightScribe DVD+R 15 Disc Pack

HP LightScribe DVD+R 15 Disc Pack



Verbatim COLOR DVD+R 25 Cake Pack


Verbatim 16x DVD+R LightScribe COLOR Backgound - 25 Pack


Yes, you can still get these great 5 Color background discs. So if you want a change from the standard ‘Gold’ just grab some of these and bring some LightScribe color to your life 🙂


In Conclusion

I hope this run-through of what LightScribe CD and DVD discs are currently available has been helpful.

Please remember, like all stock online these particular brands in these quantities will come and go, so if you don’t find a particular one available when you look, I would suggest you choose another that fits your requirements as you may have a wait for restocking.


Note: My only caveat is this, where possible go with a recognized brand. Verbatim, Philips, HP, Memorex to name a few.

Whatever you decide to get, my hope is as always, that you keep enjoying LightScribe for a long time to come.

As always, if you have any questions please Contact Me and I will be glad to help.


Happy Scribing…


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