About LightScribe Labeling

Steve Nelson

Hello and welcome to LightScribeLabeling.com.

I have been involved with LightScribe for 18 years and in that time have personally been able to help over 30,000 fellow ‘Scribers’ get the most from their LightScribe labeling systems…


Why LightScribe Labeling

The reason for creating this new LightScribe website was to provide a straightforward guide to LightScribe labeling. A simple to use and informative resource to support you, whether you are new to LightScribe or, like me, a seasoned LightScribe veteran…


To facilitate this I have created four LightScribe labeling guides…

1: LightScribe Basics

2: LightScribe Software

3: LightScribe Hardware

4: LightScribe Media


If you are unsure, LightScribe Basics shows you what you need to create a successful LightScribe setup.

As their names suggest LightScribe Software, LightScribe Hardware and LightScribe Media go into more depth on the various options you have when putting together your ideal LightScribe System.


Contact Me

However… if you have any LightScribe questions that are not covered in the guides please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.


So here is to your LightScribe success…

All my best.