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LightScribe System Software

I does not matter if you used Premium LightScribe Software of Free LightScribe Software you must install the LightScribe System Software before any labeling software will work. So before we go through the various options you have with the  labeling software let’s make sure you have the essential System Software – Click the link below to get it:

LightScribe System Software


FREE LightScribe Software

LightScribe (HP) have created two labeling programs that you can download and use for free. They are:

1: LightScribe Simple Labeler (Windows and Mac)

2: LightScribe Template Labeler (Windows only)

Go to these pages below to download them for either Windows or Mac.


Free LightScribe Software for Mac

LightScribe Simple Labeler


Free LightScribe Software for Windows

For LightScribe Simple Labeler

and LightScribe Template Labeler


Lightscribe Software The LightScribe Toolbox

Steve Nelson of

From Steve’s LightScribe Enabled PC…


Dear Fellow LightScriber…

LightScribe Software in my experience is either too basic and does not have sufficient capabilities or too complex and difficult to use…

I’m guessing you are reading this because you have found it the same..

I’m Steve Nelson, and over the last six years I have worked with hundreds of frustrated LightScribe users, helping them to create LightScribe Labels with ease, using LightScribe software that delivers what we all need:

Ease of Use and Versatility…

From this experience I have created the Total LightScribe Software Solution…
One which provides…

Lightscribe Software Features

LightScribe Software That Just Works…

I have used the LightScribe Toolbox to create over 12,000 LightScribe labels – Using two different LightScribe drives, three different computers using three different Win OS versions (XP, Vista and 7).

But that’s not all…

Over 15,000 users of this LightScribe software, have between them, used EVERY make of LightScribe drive… And the results are always the same…

Jeff put it this way…

Jeff's LighScribe Toolbox Review

LightScribe Software Solution

LightScribe Software - The LightScribe ToolboxThe LightScribe Toolbox Includes

LightScribe Toolbox Software

LightScribe Toolbox Bonus Extras

LightScribe Toolbox Bonus Extras

The LightScribe Toolbox works with Windows XP Vista 7 and 8Now Works With Windows 8.1.


Angela's LightScribe Toolbox Thoughts

Angela's LightScribe Toolbox Review


So just to recap, here is what you get when you order this great LightScribe Software package…

LightScribe Toolbox Contents All This Software.

 The LightScribe Toolbox is 100% Risk Free


You can trust the LightScribe Toolbox to do the job…

Only $18.95

Click the Add To Cart button below to place your order…

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Here’s to your LightScribe labeling success…

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